For every industry

A suitable cargo bike

Traffic congestion, parking problems and environmental taxes. More and more municipalities and cities are encouraging people to leave their cars behind and are making plans for wider cycle paths and emission-free zones. With an electric cargo bike you can often simply use the cycle path. Searching for a parking space is also a thing of the past, because you can simply park an electric cargo bike on the sidewalk.

We understand that your bicycle is important to your company, which is why we work with preventive maintenance to avoid problems. If your bike unexpectedly breaks down, in most cases we can have you back on the road within 48 hours. Our service partner takes care of repairs and maintenance on location, so you don't have to worry about that, it's very easy.

Service en Facility management

in the city

Do you work a lot in the city at home for private individuals or companies? Then you have many advantages of a bicycle. Fast, cheaper than a bus and super efficient.

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Delivery and logistics services

in the city

If you make a lot of stops in the city, you no longer have to worry about parking or delays.

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Retail companies

From your own front door to the customer's door

If you deliver flowers, clothing, wine or fresh products from your store, a cargo bike is ideal. From your own front door to the customer's door and also a sustainable way of advertising.

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with working area the city

Are you a painter, plumber, roofer or electrician and is your work area the city? Then a Cargobike is an excellent solution. Fast, clean, sustainable without parking problems or delays.

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Small electric transport ensures less CO2 emissions. In this way, your company also contributes to a better world.