Stefan has managed to turn the traditional store into a leading bicycle company with a customer base that extends far beyond Amstelveen. When the opportunity arose to sell the business to TREK in 2022, he seized the opportunity to make time for a new challenge.

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In recent years, Frank has been a director at Urban Arrow, focusing on business cargo bike solutions. During this period he has sat at the table with a wide variety of international companies and has seen the potential that these bicycles have to make the Last Mile much more efficient.

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Faster and cleaner through the city center, that's what we believe.

We offer the best solutions and customization for companies that want to do their work in the city in a sustainable way with an electric cargo bike. Thanks to our knowledge of the market and the possibilities, we can inform your company like no other.

No more traffic jams or parking problems and an all-in concept including maintenance and repairs.

Cargo Bike Mobility helps you choose a sustainable means of transport so that you can continue to do your work in the city cost-effectively and efficiently.

Onderhoud & Service

at location

We understand that the Cargobike is an important part of your business operations. That's why we do everything we can to maximize operational reliability. We do this by carrying out preventive maintenance and service on the cargobikes at your desired location anywhere in the Netherlands.

cargo bike vervoer in de stad

Our service partner knows cargo bikes like no other and is fully specialized in maintaining all our models.

Clear rates and no surprises.