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Which electric cargo bike is suitable for you?

We know from experience that there are quite a few cargo bike brands and models. Choosing what is the best solution for your company can therefore be a difficult task. We realize that all too well. That is why we have a clear range and we always engage in discussions to understand your needs and translate them into the best solution.

In addition to providing information, we also provide riding training for users so that the cargo bike really becomes a showcase for your company.

At Cargo Bike Mobility you can choose from 3 types of Cargo bikes

🗸 Models with 2 wheels such as Urban Arrow in Riese & Muller
🗸 Models with 3 wheels such as Cargo Cycling
🗸 Models with 4 wheels such as CityQ

Selection aid

Permissible weight Snel & Flexibel Stabiel & Vlot Stabiel & Droog
total 100 kg 🗸🗸🗸
🗸🗸 ×
100-200 kg × 🗸🗸🗸 🗸🗸
200-300 kg × × 🗸🗸🗸

Urban Arrow

efficient and agile two-wheelers

Urban Arrow, perhaps one of the founders of electric cargo bikes. The Dutch brand Urban Arrow has been leading in terms of quality and driving characteristics for 12 years. You see these bicycles everywhere at home and abroad. The typical Dutch sitting position ensures that almost anyone can ride away on these cargo bikes.

We have opted for the 2-wheeled models in our range (Urban Arrow Cargo L in Cargo XL) which are the most efficient for driving smoothly through the city with a maximum weight of 600 liters or 100 kg.

urbanarrow cargobikes

Riese & Muller

top quality from Germany

The Riese Muller cargo bike is for those who are looking for a sporty seat in combination with the latest cycling technologies such as ABS and connectivity. Who needs a car anymore? More fun, faster and cleaner through the city. Are you looking for a fleet management solution?

Riese and Muller have a lot of experience when it comes to fleet management for companies, municipalities and organizations. Interesting for your organization?

Riese muller cargobikes

Nijland Cycling

the tank among cargo bikes

Nijland Cycling, traditional Dutch reliability combined with years of experience. Together we Deliver.

Nijland may well supply the tank of cargo bikes. Whether you are a bicycle courier, looking for a delivery bicycle or postal bicycle, you can certainly go to this Dutch manufacturer.

Because Nijland has the entire production in-house, it is also possible to deliver customization, such as a bicycle in your company color.


our partner in 4-wheeled bicycles

Still relatively unknown territory in the Netherlands, but once you get acquainted with this bike, you won't want anything else.

A major advantage is the stability in combination with a comfortable and covered seat. The powerful engines ensure that you can easily get to any place with the advantages of a normal cargo bike.

So no parking costs, no driver's license required and you can easily get to the front door.

cityq cargobikes nederland
Cargo Bike Mobility helps you choose a sustainable means of transport so that you can continue to do your work in the city cost-effectively and efficiently.

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