Do you want sustainable transport?

in and around Alphen aan Den Rijn?

Search for a parking spot Alphen aan den Rijn is not necessary anymore. You can simply park an electric cargo bike neatly on the sidewalk. You also don't need a charging station and you can charge your battery via a socket. So easy.

Cargo Bike Mobility helps you choose a sustainable means of transport that allows you to do your work cost-effectively and efficiently Alphen aan den Rijn can continue to do.

The advantages

of Cargo bikes

Alphen aan den Rijn is becoming increasingly difficult to reach. Traffic congestion, fewer and more expensive parking spaces and ZERO emission zones increasingly determine the picture. Yet more and more people are getting involved Alphen aan den Rijn and surroundings live and work and there is an increasing need for services.

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Electric cargo bikes are not only more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles, but offer many more advantages.
More agile and at least as fast as a van Alphen aan den Rijn
No driver's license required, so anyone can use it
Charging via a normal socket and also much more efficient with electricity
Parking in front of the door and free of charge

Are you curious about what we can do for your company? Contact us, a conversation while enjoying a good cup of coffee or tea costs nothing but could just help you.

You can also contact us via the chat below.

Service en Facility management

in Alphen aan den Rijn

Do you work a lot in the area? Alphen aan den Rijn for private individuals or companies at home, then you have many advantages of a bicycle. Fast, cheaper than a bus and super efficient.

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Delivery and logistics services

in Alphen aan den Rijn

You make many stops Alphen aan den Rijn, no more worries about parking or delays.

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Retail companies

From your own front door to the customer's door

If you deliver flowers, clothing, wine or fresh products from your store, a cargo bike is ideal. From your own front door to the customer's door and also a sustainable way of advertising.

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with work area Alphen aan den Rijn

Are you a painter, plumber, roofer or electrician and is your work area environment? Alphen aan den Rijn? Then a Cargobike is an excellent solution. Fast, clean, sustainable without parking problems or delays.

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