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At Cargo Bike Mobility you will find the best cargo bikes for business use. Whether you are looking for a 2, 3 or 4-wheel model, we have them for you. Cargo bikes can contribute a lot to your company. They are very efficient, super fast in the city, drive emission-free and have no parking problems.

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Liveable and future-proof city

Amsterdam has the ambition to improve traffic and transport in the city emission-free to drive. By doing so, they want to improve air quality and contribute to the climate objectives of reducing CO2 emissions.

No problem

Repair on location and within 48h
Including insurance
Lease; no high investment costs
No driver's license required


A cargo bike that really suits your company perfectly
A custom box with advertising
Custom made is possible


No emissions, so access everywhere
More energy efficient than a van
No parking problem
No traffic congestion
zero emissie in de stad
  • Service en Facility Management. Do you work a lot in the city at home for private individuals or companies? Then you have many advantages of a bicycle. Fast, cheaper than a bus and super efficient.

  • Delivery and logistics services. Do you make a lot of stops in the city? No more worries about parking or delays.

  • Retail companies. Do you deliver flowers, clothing, wine or fresh products from your store? From your own front door to the customer's door and also a sustainable way of advertising.

  • Entrepreneur. Are you a painter, plumber, roofer or electrician and is your work area the city? Then a cargo bike is an excellent solution. You can take more with you than you think, never have a problem with parking, get everywhere in the city and also save a lot of money.

Create the perfect cargo bike model

for your company

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The advantages

of Cargo bikes

Inner cities are becoming increasingly difficult to reach. Traffic congestion, fewer and even more expensive parking spaces plus Zero emission zones increasingly determine the picture. Yet more and more people are living and working in the city and there is an increasing need for services.

zero emissie in de stad
milieuzone amsterdam

This applies to Amsterdam from 2025

  • Delivery vans with emission class 4 or lower do not have access.
  • Delivery vans with emission class 5 have access until January 1, 2027.
  • Delivery vans with emission class 6 have access until January 1, 2028.

Electric cargo bikes are not only more environmentally friendly than conventional vehicles, but offer many more advantages.

🗸 More agile and at least as fast as a van in the city.
🗸 No driver's license required, so anyone can use it.
🗸 Charging via a normal socket and also much more efficient with electricity.
🗸 Parking in front of the door and free of charge.

zero emissie in de stad

29 municipalities have now expressed the ambition to introduce Zero emission zones. The entry dates of the Zero emission zones in the various cities differ and are listed on the website below.

Cargo Bike Mobility helps you choose a sustainable means of transport so that you can continue to do your work in the city cost-effectively and efficiently.

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